Become a Poll Worker

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Already a Poll Worker?

On Election Day, Poll Workers (also known as Election Officers) provide important assistance in preserving democracy and maintaining the integrity of the election process. This is an excellent opportunity to serve your community and meet your neighbors!

To become a Poll Worker you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age OR be a high school student that is at least 16 years of age and in good academic standing
  • A resident of the State of California
  • Be able to read and write in fluent English
  • Available to work on Election Day from 6:00 a.m. until all duties are completed (approximately 10:00 p.m.)
  • Attend a mandatory training class prior to each election (approximately 2½ hours)
  • Have transportation to and from the training class and to the polling place on Election Day

Are you bilingual?

The County of Sacramento is actively recruiting bilingual Poll Workers to serve their community on Election Day. We need your help if you are fluent in English and any of the following languages:

Tagalog, or another dialect of Filipino


Inspectors: Receive a stipend of $185.00. Inspectors are the leaders/supervisors of the voting area and the precinct board (Clerks) on Election Day.

  • Visit the polling place prior to Election Day and confirm Election Day access
  • Receive and check election supplies prior to Election Day
  • Ensure polling place equipment is set-up properly on Election Day
  • Assign tasks and breaks
  • Return ballots and supplies to assigned drop-off site Election Night

Clerks: Receive a stipend of $130.00. A clerk is a member of the precinct board who works under the direction of the Inspector.

  • Prepare, open, maintain and close the polling place on Election Day
  • Enforce and follow state and federal laws by performing tasks as instructed
  • Prepare, open, maintain and close the polling place on Election Day


Once assigned to a polling place, all poll workers must attend a training class. Training classes are approximately 2½ hours long and an additional $25.00 is added to their stipend. However, the $25.00 stipend will be forfeited if the poll worker does not work on Election Day.

What Will You Be Doing?

  • Prepare, open, maintain and close the polling place on Election Day
  • Set-up polling place equipment as instructed
  • Find voters’ names on the Roster of Voters and Street Index
  • Issue and receive official ballots from the voters
  • Operate the accessible voting unit (AutoMARK) and precinct scanner as instructed
  • Assist all voters in the voting process
  • Follow state and federal laws by performing tasks as assigned by the Elections Office and the Inspector

Fill out an application to become a Poll Worker in Sacramento County:

     Online Application

     Poll Worker Application & Brochure - mail or fax in to our office.

Completed applications can be mailed or faxed to:

Sacramento County Voter Registration and Elections
Precinct Operations
7000 65th Street, Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95823
Fax (916) 875-6594

If you have any questions, please call (916) 875-6100 or email us

High School Student?

High school students that are at least 16 years of age and in good academic standing are encouraged to sign up for the Student Poll Worker Program. They, along with the other poll workers, work side by side greeting the voters, having them sign the Roster, handing them their ballots, etc. They get a front row seat of the democratic process and this is what it is all about - after all, they are future voters! It’s a wonderful experience, plus it gives them a chance to earn a little extra cash!

     Student Poll Worker Program Brochure & Application

Note: Student applications must be completed and signed by the student and a parent or legal guardian and returned to our office by mail, fax or email.

County or State Employee?

With their Supervisors’ permission, County and State employees can work on Election Day while still earning their regular salary, plus earn the stipend earned from volunteering!

County Employees: County Personnel Ordinance 2.78.777

2.78.777 County Employees as Volunteer Poll Workers Program.

  1. The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors acknowledges that the electoral process is fundamental to our system of government and is served by providing voters with election polls that are fully staffed with qualified and trained citizens. However, it is increasingly more difficult to adequately staff polls due to emergent complexities in the election process and a dwindling pool of able volunteers. The Board of Supervisors finds that a vital public interest is served by encouraging County employees to volunteer as poll workers to help protect and maintain the integrity of the election process in the County of Sacramento and for that public purpose hereby adopts the “County Employees as Volunteer Poll Workers Program.”
  2. Any regular County employee, other than employees assigned to the Division of Voter Registration and Elections, may apply for paid leave from County employment to serve as a volunteer poll worker in a polling place in Sacramento County through the “County Employees as Volunteer Poll Workers Program” when the election day and/or required poll worker training fall within the employee’s regularly scheduled work day.
  3. Subject to the discretion of his or her appointing authority to grant or deny the request based on the needs of the service, a regular employee is qualified for approval as follows:
    1. The employee has successfully applied for and has been selected and found qualified by the Sacramento County Registrar of Voters to serve as a volunteer poll worker;
    2. The employee has made a request in writing to his/her appointing authority for an absence from County employment as is necessary to attend and complete Poll Worker Training as directed by the Registrar and an absence for the employee’s entire regularly scheduled work day on election day to serve as a volunteer poll worker in Sacramento County;
    3. On the day of the election the employee has fully executed his/her responsibilities as a poll worker and reported to his/her assigned polling place at the designated time, performed all duties appointed by the County elections official and as required by applicable state and federal elections laws, and remained on duty until the poll was properly closed and secured and until released by the County elections official. As a volunteer, the employee is entitled to receive the normal stipend paid by Voter Registration and Elections to all volunteer poll workers. The stipend shall not be counted in any computation of the total wages or compensation paid the employee by reason of his or her regular employment with the County.
  4. Any regular County employee who qualifies and is approved for the “County Employees as Volunteer Poll Workers Program” will receive his or her regular pay while on paid leave from County employment for one regularly scheduled work day that falls on the day of the election and for such leave time prior to the election as is necessary, including travel, to attend the required Poll Worker Training during the employee’s work hours. No overtime or compensatory time shall be earned or accumulated during such paid leave. (SCC 1229 § 1, 2002.)

State Employees: California Government Code Section 19844.7

  1. Pursuant to regulations adopted by the Department of Human Resources, and subject to the collective bargaining agreement between the state and the employee’s exclusive representative, a state employee who has been appointed as a member of a precinct board and takes time off from state employment to serve as a member of that precinct board on election day shall receive payment of his or her regular wages or salary for that election day, without forfeiting any compensation received for his or her service as a precinct board member. As used in this section, “state employee” does not include any officer or employee appointed or employed by the Legislature, or any officer, deputy, or employee selected or appointed by an elected state officer.
  2. The eligibility of a state employee to receive time off for the purposes of subdivision (a) shall be subject to approval of the employee’s manager or supervisor and pursuant to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, when applicable.
  3. The Department of Human Resources shall adopt regulations to implement this section. The regulations shall include, among other things, consideration of such items as the impact of the employee’s absence on state services and operations and the documentation necessary for a state employee to establish that he or she has taken time off from state employment to serve as a member of a precinct board and is therefore eligible to receive his or her regular wages or salary as provided in subdivision (a). The regulations required by this section shall be drafted and adopted as soon as practicable.

          (Amended by Stats. 2012, Ch. 665, Sec. 98. Effective January 1, 2013.)