Accessible Voting

Accessible Voting​​​​

It is every voter’s right to cast their ballot independently and privately. Below is what Sacramento County does to make sure voters with disabilities can participate in our elections. 

If you would like to assist Sacramento County in improving election access, please visit our Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee webpage for more information on serving on the committee or attending a public meeting.  

Vote Center and Ballot Drop-off Location Accessibility

Vote Centers and Ballot Drop-off locations are selected using Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines from the Polling Place Accessibility Checklist. These checklists are used to find accessible locations. If a barrier is a found that may keep a person from entering a vote center or using a drop box, the County’s election office will make changes on or before Election Day by using additional equipment and signs​.
If you have questions about the physical access to a Vote Center or Ballot Drop-off location, call (916) 875-6100 or email ​

Accessible Voting Supplies at Vote Centers

All Vote Centers will have at least two voting booths for a chair or wheelchair, magnifying glasses, and pen grips. There will be three accessible ballot marking units that can accommodate a chair or wheelchair.  

Accessible Ballot Marking Device at a Vote Center

If you have a vision or physical disability, each Vote Center will have three accessible units so you can mark your ballot independently and privately. These machines can be used by anyone! 

Our main elections office at 7000 65th Street will have an accessible ballot marking device for use starting 29 days before Election Day. 

Sacramento County now uses Dominion’s ImageCast X (ICX) Ballot Marking Device. This device allows any voter to navigate through their entire ballot using features such as:
  • Touchscreen Tablet, with options to change the text size and contrast on the tablet
  • Audio Tactile Interface Keypad (ATI) with Braille
  • Headphones and Audio Instructions in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese
  • Privacy Mask, for voters with low vision to ensure their votes are kept private as they use the Audio Instructions
  • Ability for a voter to bring in their own Paddle or Sip And Puff assistive device
This machine does not tabulate or count any votes. After the voter confirms their selections on the “Review” screen, the voter must print their ballot selections and place in the Blue Ballot Bag in order for their ballot to count.

Curbside Voting

For any voter that cannot physically access a Vote Center, there is the option to vote “curbside”. You can either call the elections office or have a passenger or friend enter the Vote Center and give your information to a trained election official to bring your ballot to you. You may sit in a car and vote, or vote at the door of the building. To schedule curbside voting call (916) 875-6100 or email​

Mark Your Vote by Mail Ballot from Home!

Under the Voter’s Choice Act (California Election Code 4005), voters with disabilities can request and receive access to the Accessible Vote by Mail System. Sacramento County has selected Democracy Live to provide this service. The Accessible Vote by Mail System allows voters with disabilities to download and mark their correct ballot privately and independently using their own assistive technology, print their marked ballot, and mail it to the Elections Office to be counted.

You may use the postage paid Voter Preference Form on the back of your County Voter Information Guide or use the printable Voter Preference Form to request access to the Accessible Vote by Mail System. For more information about this option, please call (916) 875-6155 or email​.


Materials in Accessible Formats

Sacramento County’s Voter Information Guide and Sample Ballot Booklets are available in large print and audio format. Request these materials by contacting our office at (916) 875-5854 or emailing  An accessible version of this material will be available online starting 30 days before the election. 
The California Secretary of State mails one Voter Information Guide to every household with a registered voter. This guide covers all propositions and candidate statements for statewide elections. To request this guide in an accessible format, please visit​​

Voting Assistance 

If you need help, you may bring up to two people to help you, or you may ask for help from an election official. You may ask anyone to help you vote, except for the following people:
  • Your employer
  • An agent of your employer
  • An agent of your union
Anyone that helps you vote cannot tell you how to vote or tell others how you voted.

Casting Your Ballot

Instructions for marking and casting your ballot are posted in each voting location and with your Vote by Mail ballot. If you have any questions about how to mark or cast your ballot, or if you have incorrectly marked a ballot, please call (916) 875-6155 or email You may also request assistance or a replacement ballot at any Vote Center location. 

​Signing Election documents

If you cannot sign your own name and have no other legal mark, make an "X," if possible, on the signature line. You must have another person sign as a witness. ​

If you cannot make an "X," you must indicate to the person helping you that you want to sign your name. The person helping you must sign as a witness. By signing, they witnessed that you indicated you want to sign the form.
You may use an approved signature stamp to sign your election documents.  Click here​ for more information about signature stamps and voting.
For more information about signing election materials or using a signature stamp, please call (916) 875-6451 or email