Voter Outreach

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We encourage everyone to exercise their freedom and offer a number of voter outreach programs to increase voter participation among Sacramento County residents.

Outreach Programs and other Information:

  • Language Requirements - Sacramento County is required by law to provide voting materials in Chinese and Spanish. Section 203 of the Federal Voting Rights Act requires that all the information that is provided in English regarding voter registration, elections, and voting (including information provided in the Vote Centers and in the voting booths)​ must also be provided in the covered language, which in Sacramento County is now Chinese and Spanish.  Federal Voting Rights Act Section 203
  • Empowering an Enriched Community - Registering citizens to vote and hands-on demonstrations of voting with the County's voting equipment.
  • High School Mock Election Results - View local High Schools that participated in Mock Elections.
  • "I Voted" stickers Contest - Sacramento County Voter Registration conducted an Art Competition with 5 local high schools in the 5 Supervisorial Districts to create new "I Voted" stickers for Sacramento Voters.

For more information on Outreach Programs - Schedule a Voter Registration Drive or get information on our outreach programs by contacting our office at (916) 875-5854.​